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anyoption is a place where you will earn money very easy, fast and with low risk. That's simply money mine online. $600 free bonus is waiting for you at binary options broker. To claim the free money all you need to do is make your 1st deposit and your money will automatically be doubled.

Trading at anyoption binary platform is so easy and fast, no professional knowledge is required. Just try it and you will learn in few minutes.

anyoption, the pioneering binary options broker, has been combining size and experience since 2007. With years of knowledge and expertise, anyoption has built itself a household name and is known to be the best in the industry. Regulated under CySEC and registered across the European Union, anyoption provides security and 100% transparency for its clients across the globe.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • You can trade multiple markets: forex, stocks, indices, commodities, all in one account.
  • Advanced trading derivatives, including One Touch, a unique product that allow you trade off-market hours, even on the weekend.
  • Cutting-edge mobile trading app for iOS and Android devices.
  • Super-fast execution, super-fast withdrawal process, no commissions, no wagering requirements, no catch!
  • Friendly 24/7 support service in over 12 languages.

The anyoption academy:

Get the knowledge you require to maximize your potential to successfully trade binary options. Once you open an account, you will get full access to the anyoption academy, a helpful education center, useful for both novice and professional traders alike.

The anyoption academy will help you gain the knowledge you need to navigate the markets and will help improve your trading skills. With the proper education and professional guidance, we will help turn you into a knowledgeable and proficient trader in practically no time.

With the trading academy, you will get full access to:

  • 4 trading guides- provide you with 360 training on everything needed to profit from options trading
  • 25 Video tutorials– depicted very clearly for beginners & advanced traders
  • 5 eBooks – strategies and tips to assist different types of traders
  • Articles- interesting opinion pieces on trending market topics
  • Multilingual Blog – daily articles written by top financial authors
  • Personal Account Manager – to guide you every step of the way

Trading Derivatives:

At anyoption, you will find the following trading products to choose from, some available only with this broker in the entire binary option industry:

  • Binary options

The most common way to trade options is with binary options. It’s a simple and efficient way to invest in the financial market. All you have to do is predict the direction in which the asset is likely to move. If you think it will go up in the specified period of time (that you can pick), click on “Call” and if you think it will go down, click on “Put.” You can choose from the drop down menu, how much to invest, and the percentage of profit you would like to make based on the level of risk /reward you choose. It’s simple yet exciting as you eagerly wait to see your final returns.

  • Option +

Option+ is one of anyoption’s most unique trading tools for managing risk. Unlike any other product, this tool actually gives you the option to sell back your trade to anyoption after purchasing. This is a great tool to use if you think your trade is going in the wrong direction or simply reached its peak as you can leave the position in the middle. Therefore, you have the ability to cut your losses and to make sure you end your position when you are “in the money”.

  • One touch options

With one-touch options you can trade on the weekend, even when the market is closed! Between Friday and Sunday, anyoption provides you with a list of assets to choose from along with their strike price.
Just predict whether the asset will go above or below the specified strike price in the upcoming market week. You don’t have to wait till the end of the week either, as soon as the asset value reaches the strike price you can earn up to 380% profit!

  • Binary 0-100

Another unique trading product at anyoption is Binary 0-100 where you have the chance to earn more than a massive 1000% profit! All you have to do is predict whether an event, such as an asset, will be higher or lower than a certain price by the end of the hour. If you predict that the event will happen, or in other words that the asset will go up, click on BUY and if you think the event will not happen, click on SELL. With this product, you can control your profit on a specific event as you can buy and sell the event without having to wait for the expiry time.

  • One click

Just like the name suggests, one click, is a product at anyoption, where you can trade with the click of just one button (without any further confirmation of the action.) This will speed up your trading process and hopefully your earnings as well! Ease of use is one of the most thought of aspects at anyoption, all functions are deeply taken into consideration, and the trader experience is always number one priority.

  • Live Trading

In the live trading section of the anyoption website, you will find plenty of real time updates on important trading data and user-activity. Check out the trading trends meter that shows the direction investors are trading an asset in, at any given moment. There is an incredible interactive trading map, which spins around an animated globe showing the trading activity of investors in different places around the world. You will also find a live leaderboard with an automatically updated feed that shows the most successful top 5 traders each day, week and month and the profit they made from their trades.

Overall, there are numerous unique trading arenas for you to try out at anyoption. Many particularly like the Profit Line, which is a graph that gives you the ability to follow your trades, see estimated profits/losses in real-time and even purchase options directly from that screen.

All of these unique trading options allow you to choose what is most suitable for you and what will help you earn the most money. Make the best out of your trading experience by trying out anyoption, there really is something for everyone.

Trading Strategies Revealed:

Investors use various trading strategies they have come to understand that allow them to earn immense profit. You can learn more about these strategies below and try to use them on your own to turn each possible trade into a successful one:

  1. Favorite asset trading– once you find a few assets you’re interested in, this strategy says to trade them only. This way you will better understand how they move in the market and will be able to predict the asset’s trend.
  1. Trading based on the news– news announcements on stocks, such as Facebook, often affect their price and volatility in the market. Therefore, this strategy strongly recommends you trade such assets when a news statement, on a new feature for instance, is published in the news.
  1. The trend is your friend– just like the name suggests, follow the trend of the asset and trade in the direction it is going in. In other words, if you see the price of an asset, such as Google stock is going up, this strategy says to predict that it will continue in the same direction.
  1. Reversal trend– as opposed to the strategy stated above, this strategy tells you to do the exact opposite. When an asset, seems to be going in one directions, the trick is to predict that by the end of the option’s lifetime, it will go in the opposite direction then at the time you place your trade.

The advantages of investing large amounts of money:

If you invest high amounts of money, your chances of earning profit are that much greater. The more you invest in a trade the more likely you will earn from that trade. However, this situation works both ways, the more you invest in a trade, the higher your chances are of losing the investment. You must find the thin line between the two and master your investment amount. Always keep in mind the risk/reward ratio and begin with smaller investment amounts until you master the system. Don’t forget, if you happen to invest too little, your earnings will also portray your initial investment amount.

Start Trading at anyoption in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Open an account at
  2. Deposit as little as $200 and get $600 for free!
  3. Trade and earn up to 80% profit

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