CasinoFair 20,000 FUN no deposit bonus (BlockChain)

CasinoFair 20,000 FUN no deposit bonus (BlockChain)

CasinoFair – Gambling Field Leveler! 

About CasinoFair

The idea behind a smart, innovative and blockchain aligned casino first sprung in 2018. FunFair put to beta test their technology and theory for a new casino and finally, this newbie casino was established in 2019 as a FunFair Technologies project. Their headquarters is situated in London, UK. Thus, the credibility, safety and security of gamblers in this casino are part of the top features that gamers can select when choosing the site. Operations are licensed by the Curacao authorities meaning that the casino can be trusted.

They have a couple of gaming titles on the website and these only need the casino’s currency known as FUN tokens for a gambler to activate. There is no special application or add-ons required, as long as you create an account and you’re from one of the five regions (for now) that can become members, you can start gambling almost instantly. Offering a lightweight website with clear navigation options, it’s easy to get around the casino discovering the additional options.

Sign Up Process

The signup process at CasinoFair is straightforward. New members don’t spend too much time trying to figure out their way around the casino. Here is how easy it is:

  1. Create a new account as you Sign Up.
  2. Unlock the free FUN tokens by claiming your Welcome Bonus.
  3. Select from the list of slots, dice or table games once signed up.

Bonuses and Promotions

With each new signup, you get 20,000 FUN (~66 USD) worth of fun guaranteed Fair gaming on the Blockchain. Get to use the FUN tokens and exchange them for Ethereum directly from your wallet and get your casino bonus offered to new members.

The casino pages are still under development. Seemingly, for new or more promotions, you will have to keep on checking the casino pages. Also, the casino makes its signup bonus offer an option. If you want the bonus, then you have the option of taking it during the signup process.

STEP 1 – Sign up and get 500 FUN

STEP 2 – Once you've wagered over 150,000 FUN (slots only), we'll put 19,500 FUN directly into your wallet, no deposit required

CasinoFair welcome bonus

Games and Software – CasinoFair’s Best Features

This is one of the casinos that are meant for the Blockchain inclined gambler. Offering the best games on the Blockchain with a totally immersive game list. If you are into unique gaming titles made specifically for that casino, then consider CasinoFair for these and more.

Fast loading games on the Block eliminate the waiting period for results and gets rid of payment for each roll.

There aren’t a lot of games in this seemingly new casino, all games can be counted and only amount to 22 across all categories. Here is a full breakdown of the casino games:

  • There are 6 slot games in the casino.
  • Enjoy any of the 9 table games in the casino.
  • Select any of the 7 instant play games that are offered in the casino lobby.

The more you play and enjoy certain titles; they customize your casino account and can be found under the ‘Favorites section.’ FunFair is developing more gaming titles to add to the casino in the future, you will be met with a lot more options when you check the Games section of CasinoFair.

CasinoFair BlockChain

Payment, Processing, and Security

CasinoFair is Provably Fair meaning that each game you come across has fair play and results have not been tampered with. The results that come out are real without alterations or bias from other gamers, the casino or third parties.  This online casino offers all members with instant full payouts that aren’t subject to delays, or partial payments. When you win, all your proceedings are immediately deposited into your account without any delays.

Crypto-support that allows you to easily play from your crypto wallet without having to even first deposit any funds into the casino. Straight from your wallet to the slot machines, it’s that simple. Immediately after winning from any of the games, your money is available for withdrawal directly into your wallet. You can set up Ethereum with a trusted crypto wallet and use it between the wallet and the games without having to go via the casino.

Casino Accessibility

When playing with FUN tokens, make sure that you have enabled the latest Web3 browser. It’s possible to access CasinoFair without a Web3 enabled browser but you only get limited to the Demo Play side of the casino. Also, you must be from a region that is accepted in the casino for you to be able to play even on Demo mode.

Access your CasinoFair from any of the supported browsers including Firefox, Chrome Brave and Metamask which also powers the payment system in the casino.


You can get hold of support at CasinoFair via the chat window. To get connected, click on the wallet icon on the bottom right corner of your casino page and chat pops up for a conversation. No phone number has been furnished for members at the moment, so you can address all your concerns on the chatbox. There is also no email, it’s only possible to send an email by filling out the contact form on the site.


This is the best website at the moment for Blockchain purposes. Powered by the FunFair system fully developed and dedicated for the website, it’s easy to navigate and offers an extra layer of security for your site. Offering a welcome bonus that can be taken or nit used from onset, there is always room for freedom of choice and this spills over to the original gaming titles. You also get to play games that are exclusively developed for CasinoFair meaning they can not be enjoyed in other casinos.

Get answers to some of the pressing questions you might have under the detailed FAQ section that has been divided into three sections to make it easier for you to navigate. If you are mostly interested in a casino that is dedicated to the gambler and their wellness in 2019, then this is the forum of choice.

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