Prime Scratch Cards | 120 free cards (20 tickets NDB) + 100% bonus

Prime Scratch Cards | 120 free cards (20 tickets NDB) + 100% bonus

Top Six Things To Know of the hottest scratch cards online.


We certainly love our games, and as it happens, more and more people are having more fun playing with scratch cards online. Across the UK, for example, gambling online represents one third (33%) of all gambling, and scratch cards make up an increasingly popular portion of that pie.

Analysts have explained that the reason the scratch cards games like Prime Scratch Cards is so much more than a passing craze, is the game quality, the technology, the fact that Prime Scratch Cards are licensed and established to operate in the world's leading gaming market. Yet there are other reasons, according to Michel Daniels, scratch card industry analyst, and longtime gaming expert.

Bonuses & Games

Of course, players play scratch cards like Prime because of the huge Bonuses and Promotions that are part of the thrill of playing. For example, Prime Scratch Cards players get exclusive offers, varying from a welcome bonus, to free spins, loyalty rewards, tournaments, and prize draws, among other special benefits that are built into the wagering requirements and other special conditions.

120 free cards & 100% up to €200 welcome bonus

Double your first deposit and receive on top of it 20 free cards. Receive another 50 free cards with your first deposit on days 1 & 2 each.  To be eligible to receive the 100 free cards on the 2nd and 3rd days, the player must one minimum deposit of €20 each day.

Naturally, the variety of the games is key to the growing popularity of scratch cards. This includes the number of games one can play, the different categories. Clearly, it also helps that the games are available on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, and most importantly that they are run with fair-play and payout rates, randomization & testing.

Banking & Support

On top of that, on the more serious matters of payments, safety and security, players of Prime Scratch Cards value the available payment solutions, charges, withdrawal processing, verification & KYC, cash out time, SSL encryption, safety & security, privacy & confidentiality that the game has built-in for the gamer's peace of mind.

And when it comes to support, Prime Scratch Cards players have world-class customer care, from contact options, to working hours, languages, and casino agent skills. Simply put, the games are backed and managed by some of the best people in the gaming world, who value their customers' satisfaction as their top priority.

Easy, Fast and Fun to play!

Of course, every game has its detractors and watchdogs. Some people claim the game doesn't cater to their particular taste. To which we can only say that no one can cater to absolutely everyone, and it is better for any game provider to focus on delivering the best game they can offer. At the same time, we agree with the watchdogs that you should not play if you can't control yourself, if you don't know when to stop, or if you are unable to stop and need help to do so.

All that said, the biggest reasons that people love to play scratch card games is that they are Easy, Fast and Fun to play! Players don't need to remember rules or comprehend how to count cards as people do in blackjack. The games are fun because they're simple.

  1. Buy a card.
  2. Scratch off to find the results
  3. Collect any winnings.Quite often, players win back what was spent on the scratch card. That's as good a reason as any for players to stay in the game.

Big Winners Every Day!

Today, there are many scratch card games available in the U.K. and elsewhere, producing more than 500,000 winners every single day. As many of the prizes are modest, there are games with top prizes at more than £4 million. This is, of course, a major reason scratch cards are so popular across the gambling world. The majority of games cost between £1 and £3 to play, a tiny fraction of what could result in a huge win.

Players can significantly improve their chance of winning at online scratch card games, by playing those that offer the best odds. Where to look up the odds of a particular game is indeed easy. When playing a traditional scratch card game with, the odds are on the back side of the card. If you play scratch card games online, you can virtually always find the odds of the game you are playing, on the website.

Scratchcard players should consider the promotional or seasonal scratch-off games. The game sells these special scratch cards until they are all gone. It is of course entirely possible that this may happen after the jackpot prize of the game has been won. Still, the game keeps going, as there are of course many more great prizes available.

It is hard to overstate just how fun and easy scratchcard games are to play. The development of the games has been designed with creating an entertaining experience in mind. When you have about five minutes of time to wait around, whip out your mobile or computer, and try it out. The satisfaction is instantaneous. The Prime Scratch Cards games look so nice, just loading them brings a smile to many players' faces.


In short, it is easy to see why, with the above benefits, Prime Scratch Cards is a popular game that's constantly growing in terms of players. While there are so many positive reasons to play & so few reasons not to play, the overall verdict for the overwhelming portion of the population is: Prime Scratch Cards is a top flight game that scores very high (95%) on our Gaming Quality Grade Scale Rating. We recommend it to anyone looking for a quick blast of fun in a gaming experience.

Prime Scratch Cards Review

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