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General Information 

The market is buzzing and fresh new titles seem to be popping up at an insane rate! This time we're looking at Betti Casino, one of the newest entrants of 2022. The name, of course, suggests that there will be a wide variety of gaming and betting on offer, so players have plenty of reasons to be excited about this hot operator.

This site is run by a slightly less well-known company called Sefiarray B.V. and, to our knowledge, Betti is the company's first and so far only gaming cave. However, you wouldn't guess this from browsing the site, as it is such a neat and polished-looking place to play, although more on that later.

The starting point is therefore very good and, best of all, very interesting. Our sacred task, of course, is to evaluate and scrutinise the cave of games from top to bottom and find out what kind of newcomer we are dealing with. The omens are pointing in the direction of good, varied stuff, but don't be fooled before you drop.

Betti Casino Promotions 

Right from the start, you'll be able to take advantage of the traditional and standard Betti Casino benefits package, which will be familiar to almost every player. In fact, the site's customers can expect the classic opening deposit double up to €100, so it doesn't get much more classic than that.

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to €100 gratis + free spins 

So there's nothing crazy or insanely large and varied about this newcomer, but the benefits are very modest and respectful of tradition. However, the advantage is much better than nothing, as it's always nice to double your opening deposit of €100 and start playing with a base of €200.

This offer is subject to 40x wagering requirements, which apply to both the actual benefit and the deposit.

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Betti Casino UI/UX 

This operator is very much in tune with the times, which means that visually Betti has done a great job. There's nothing particularly distinctive or original about the exterior, but we're happy with the fact that the site is clear, clean and works as it should.

There is really no theme at all, which we think is a good thing. So there are no silly mascots, pointless gimmicks or glued-on gimmicks, and the site focuses strictly on the most important thing of all – playing and betting.

As far as colours are concerned, it's business as usual, with a black background colour, purple, and a white enhancement colour. It's not exactly original either, but the classic colours still work together like a charm. Overall, then, the site is very functional and clean, but not distinctive or spectacular.

Betti Casino Games 

This is a site that's all about playing and having fun, so there's plenty of entertainment on offer. As well as offering its customers familiar and standard online games, there's a lot more to be found on the varied Betti! Betting is an integral part of the package, which means that the choice is delightfully wide.

For the purposes of this review, however, we will focus primarily on casino games, so no more about betting. Fortunately, the selection has also been invested in the games library, so there's plenty of hard stuff to be found there too! The comprehensive selection includes everything familiar and common, so the basics are in good order.

Casino Software 

The high quality is of course ensured by the participating game houses, which represent the best and most award-winning of the lot. So there's certainly no such thing as a hapless hodgepodge, with well-known developers such as Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play'n GO putting their best foot forward on this site. There are plenty of other familiar names too, so there's plenty of quality to share with others.

Slot Machines 

This operator throws a library of products at players that doesn't matter much else. The extensive games library is full of familiar and colourful icons, so all the hot slots that are in high demand are nicely presented. A large and wonderful selection will keep the player entertained!

The games on offer are divided into several categories according to game features and other stuff, so it's easy to find appealing options on this basis alone. Of course, there's also a search function, which makes it easy to find your favourite slots from the wide range of games.

Jackpot Games

There's also something to play for jackpot games fans, but overall the jackpot section is a little lackluster. There's a fair number of titles to choose from, and there are over 50 games to choose from, but the overall feel is rather lackluster.

The biggest mega-winning progressive jackpot games are completely absent, so mega-pots worth millions of euros remain a dream. But if the machines that spew out smaller winnings are enough, Betti offers some nice fun in this area too.

Live Dealer 

Games run by real dealers and game operators are very popular these days, which is why practically every gaming cave offers a live casino. This fun is also available to Bett's customers, with a great selection of some of the toughest live games on the market.

Of course, the best thing about the live side of the site is the output of the king of the genre, Evolution Gaming, which is still unmatched by any other company in this area. With everything from game show-style fun to classic card games, there's something for everyone.

Other Games

Of course, the site's large selection also includes some goodies that don't fit into the three categories above. For example, there's a great betting section full of interesting items, but there are also more unusual treats on the casino side.

For example, you can enjoy the thrill of card and table games even without a live connection and dealer, so classic gambling fans are in for a treat. In addition, the extensive range includes a wealth of exciting games with Megaways, which feature a significantly higher number of paylines than usual.

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Betti Casino Banking 

For some strange reason, Betti hasn't yet joined the modern frenzy of the deposit-and-play mentality, but perhaps we'll see a change in the future. So for now, the site operates in the traditional way and with traditional money transfers, and you don't have to use a bank account to get around.

Even if you can't access the games using your bank details, the site still offers a fast and efficient way to process payments. The operator aims to complete the transaction within 24 hours, after which the payment processor will get to work. Of course, this does not achieve the same speed as the deposit and play style, but points for effort.

Players can make payments using very standard methods, such as card transfers using credit and debit cards issued by Mastercard and Visa. Bank transfers are also possible and the site also supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other common virtual currencies.

Betti Casino Support  

This operator offers fast and convenient service in case of problems, which means that help is always close at hand. Of course, help is also available even if you don't have a specific problem, so you can approach support for all kinds of questions. Remember, there are no stupid questions!

There is no FAQ or FAQ section on the site, at least not yet, so there is no first aid available. Therefore, players are advised to contact support directly if they have any questions or concerns. As usual, support is offered via email, with a live chat also available.

Both ways of contacting the support team work at a comfortable pace, although live chat is always a faster way of contacting support than email ([email protected]). Of course, emails are also usually answered within 24 hours, but 24 hours is a long time compared to the minutes of response time that players can expect on the live chat side. So, it's definitely a good idea to ask questions to support via chat.

Betti Players Experience 

“It's a pity that the site hasn't been localised yet. I don't speak English very well, but fortunately, I understand German well enough to enjoy the site's offerings. There seems to be plenty to play with and the overall experience is very pleasant, especially since a nice advantage was offered at the beginning.”

“Quite a small but tasty advantage, I would have liked a bit more of a dirty approach to the advantages. I also hoped that the site would work in a modern way with strong authentication via bank details, but it was a traditional gambling cave. Nothing to complain about, but it's not up there with the best newcomers of the year in my book.”

“A very varied and convincing game library, I especially liked the fact that you can also bet while rolling slots. I would have liked a bit better coverage of the progressive jackpot games, but despite some minor shortcomings, this is a very competitive and good newcomer operator.”

Based on the feedback, players have been very happy with the site, but in some areas, Betti still offers some teething problems and room for improvement. For example, the language policy and the lack of localisation, as well as the poor jackpot games coverage were complained about. The benefits were welcomed, but many would have liked a more varied and larger offer.

Many players would also have liked the site to operate in a modern, straightforward and speedy manner with bank codes, but unfortunately, this is not the case, at least not yet. Despite the criticisms, the tone of the experience is very positive and upbeat, so in the big picture, the criticisms are fairly minor.

Is Betti Casino reliable?

Although it's a brand new gaming site from a new player, it operates with complete integrity and transparency. So it's definitely not a scam of any kind, but a completely honest and properly run entertainment gaming site. We have tested this firsthand and during our tests, we did not find anything shady or sloppy.

The operator also holds an operating licence issued by the Curacao E-Gaming (#8048/JAZ), so again, the reliability issues are well established. Obtaining a licence is not easy and requires honesty and transparency, as well as a commitment to the strict regulations of the authorities.


High-end gaming caves are rarely perfect bull's eyes, and Betti's doesn't exactly hit the bull's eye either. However, it comes close when you consider that this is the very first entertainment game site from the company behind it, which makes the whole thing very high quality and successful in many ways.

There are, however, some minor shortcomings, as the localisation is still at a very early stage and the site does not, at least not yet, operate in a deposit & play style via direct bank login. Let's hope that both of these issues will be fixed in the near future, as they are definitely the biggest shortcomings at the moment. Of course, the range of games could also be increased, especially when it comes to jackpots, but this is a minor gripe.

On the other hand, the front office is very nice, although it could be a bit bigger in reality. The main thing is that there is plenty to play and the betting offers a nice variety of games. The site is therefore well suited to all tastes and all types of players, but with a few tweaks, I would recommend it to everyone without any reservations.

Betti Casino F.A.Q. 

Is Betti Casino safe?

Of course, it is, this operator is very secure and takes great care of its players. Encryption technology and regulatory oversight ensure that things are done safely.

Does Betti Casino give out bonuses?

This site doesn't offer any free games to new players, but instead, customers can expect an old-fashioned and always as tasty €100 introductory offer!

How do I open an account at Betti Casino?

You can do this directly from the operator's homepage, so head over there and click on the button to create your account in a convenient and very quick way.

Is Betti Casino a scam?

Absolutely not, this operator is honest and straightforward. For example, security is ensured by the fact that the site is licensed by the authorities, which means that there is no room for scams.

How can I make payments at Betti Casino?

The site offers its customers very standard payment methods, which means that there is no need to fiddle around with bank codes. You can use debit and credit cards, transfer money in the traditional way or use cryptos.

Which license is Betti Casino under? 

This operator is licensed to operate from outside the EU, which means that all customers living and playing within the EEA must report any winnings they withdraw to the tax authorities.

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