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Fresh casinos are constantly popping up in the games industry with their different tweaks and it's time for another newcomer to show their hand. After a long wait, Touch Casino has finally opened its doors.

This entry-level casino is produced by Gammix Limited, so this is no first for this producer. Its listings include Rant Casino, Scatters, and DBosses, among others, which you may have come across before. And if you've been to any of these, you'll be well aware that the action is of a very nice quality.

True to its name, this brand-new casino aims to touch the gaming crowd with its own contribution, but first let's find out what Touch Casino is all about. In future chapters, we'll take a close look at how its service runs on both mobile and PC, and whether the roll-out is at a level that we dare recommend it to anyone. We welcome you to join us on a journey through the dances this newcomer has to offer.

Touch Casino Website Look 

The wheel hasn't been reinvented, but the floor plans have been mostly taken from competitors already on the market. Of course, the implementation is proprietary, but the model has been borrowed in a big way from other account-less rolling peers. As a result, Touch Casino is a sight to behold, almost like a heritage princess.

In the lobby, the visitor is greeted by a half-window-sized screen announcing ongoing promotions. The same element also features a button that takes players to a convenient place to make a deposit. The homepage is also a familiar sight, with a small selection of games and information on tournaments and promotions under the banner.

The dark shade of the menu on the left-hand side contrasts nicely with the otherwise white background. Touch Casino hasn't gone in for colour or neon lights at all, relying instead on a simple and tried and tested pairing of dark and light colours.

Overall Gaming User Experience 

Often, a high-quality layout is already a sign of good usability, as well-placed visual elements guide the eye toward important information points. This is also true for Touch Casino. Clearly arranged menus and tab links make navigation feel easier than reading the orienteering maps in primary school PE lessons.

Not only is navigation on Touch Casino made effortlessly, but it's also fast. The time it takes to refresh the screen can be calculated in nanoseconds, so users don't have to find a Rubik's cube to pass the time. This aspect is one that, if left limping, will make the modern gamer turn around in a hurry.

While many sites have pages that spin at a nice pace, loading games takes its own time. However, Touch Casino has not stepped into this pitfall, with machines booting up at the speed of the user's network connection. This means that the editorial stamp of approval for usability can be stamped on the paperwork.

Sign Up Bonus and VIP Program

Touch Casino Bonuses and Rewards  

You can judge quite a bit about an online casino when it comes to their sign-up bonuses. And, with Touch Casino, it certainly bodes well for your future play! Their offer, which you’ll be eligible for the instant you register a real money account and log in to play, is an impressive 150% up to €750. In other words, deposit 500 euros and get 750 euros and enjoy 1,250 euros in your bankroll!

What can you use these treats for? Games, games, and more games. Yes, the sign-up bonus is a great way to test out the casino and experience their games and service. It’s also not the only bonus action you’ll be scoring at Touch Casino.

Join Touch Casino now and grab our exclusive bonus pack consisting of bonus money, free spins, and free bets!

Touch Casino Games and Software 

The game tray is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of a visit, with quality and variety in abundance. Gammix has been working with some of the most experienced and high-quality game providers on the market for many years, so we can be 100% sure that these products will be available at Touch Casino.


Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming, for example, have all been involved in the development process, and their handiwork can be enjoyed in many different forms. There's a wide range of slot machine action, jackpots, and a variety of table games on offer. There is also a comprehensive live casino, which is now a standard feature of many gaming venues.

The ability to categorise machines by their makers also adds a nice touch to browsing games, so if you're only wearing the jersey of a particular club, you can conveniently search for machines from that company only. Ultimately this doesn't have a huge impact on the Touch Casino's game selection, let alone browsing it, but it's a nice feature to filter through a wide range of games.


What would a gaming site be without a large army of slot machines? We don't think it deserves any attention at all and luckily, this time around, we're not disappointed either. Touch Casino has put together a catalogue for its users that will make you cringe.

It's a list as long as a year of hunger, but there's no need to worry about a belly that's churning. With quality and quantity to share, it's a quality category. The toughest game houses are strongly represented, not forgetting smaller and newer publishers.

Jackpot Games

Machines with giant pots cannot be found directly in their own listings, but the way to find these big-winning games is through a search. After entering a password in the text box, you'll be presented with dozens of different machines waiting for you to hit a big pile of craps.

The risks involved in playing these games should be borne in mind, as the jackpots will only hit a few players and the others will be left more or less licking their chops. The information box on the front page will tell you the amount of the current progressively increasing stake, so there is a real chance to hunt for huge winnings here.

Megaways Games

These wild gadgets have their very own category at Touch Casino and they're quite proud of it. Megaways games are moderately popular because of the random number of paylines and the big wins that are possible.

Themed games have been widely sampled and players can explore the world of movies or go on an expedition into the jungle, for example. The library includes a large number of institutions, including some of the best-known game makers.

Live Casino & Table Games

It's been a while since I've come across a live gaming section as impressive as the one revealed in the bowels of Touch Casino. Around 150 different types of entertainment bring the feel of real gaming venues to the screens via video, and players get to hit the card or trust the next red in high-quality environments.

If you don't want to watch the video dealer or are nervous about seeing a real person, you can always switch to table games. The machines, which feature the same card games and roulette, offer blackjack and poker, among others, for those interested.

Touch Casino Customer Service 

In order to create the most enjoyable customer journey possible when it comes to services, a company needs good customer service. This energetic support team responds to every contact that comes their way. After all, customer service staff are the few characters through whom consumers have contact with the company.

This time, Touch Casino relies on email (support@touchcasino.com), which has proven to be a viable channel, as well as real-time chat. Email is a surefire way to get things done, but it may take several messages to resolve the issue. For this reason, it may not be a good idea to try to resolve an acute problem via this channel, as it is a time-consuming process.

For faster assistance, Touch Casino can then provide live chat, which has extended opening hours to assist customers. This channel is a very popular way to get help, and rightly so, as its speed and efficiency is inevitably top-notch. Gamblers can vent their feelings to the right person, who responds almost immediately and the conversation flows smoothly.

If communication with Touch Casino doesn't inspire you, a third way to find help with common problems is through a list of frequently asked questions, easily accessible from the bottom bar of the page. Relief from most difficulties is available in that section, so this battery of questions and answers is a good read.

Tournaments and Cashback Promotions

Touch Casino Payment Methods 

It should be obvious by now that this is a no-account gaming hub. As such, payments are handled by a single service, the Swedish-originated Trustly. This provider handles both authentication and money transfers and players do not need to send any separate documents to Touch Casino.

This selective payment method is very popular with gaming sites where players do not need to create an account. This service is a slick and reliable service that is second to none in terms of reliability.

Security and ease of use are therefore guaranteed when a payment method from the Western Neighbourhood is chosen. All that is required from Touch Casino users is online banking credentials and the ability to press the deposit button. That's how easy things are made, and for that our editorial team gives it style points with commendable numbers.

Touch Casino Gaming Licence 

When fresh stuff appears on offer one of the biggest eye-catchers is the license and where it comes from. Today, many different state authorities issue these licenses, which allow companies to offer games to the public via the internet.

Touch Casino has successfully approached the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/295/2015), which, after its own thorough investigations, has granted the right to do business in the entertainment gaming sector. Gaming sites operating under this radar are under strict control, so no shady dealings are even possible.

Touch Casino Trustpilot Reviews 

“Expectations were high due to anticipation, so I headed to the destination full of hope. I was very pleased with how quickly the authentication and payments went through. A strong recommendation from this direction.”

“The environment was clear and easy to use and there were no major complications along the way. Customer service was banging out answers at a good pace, so I'm happy for my friend who told me about Touch Casino.”

“A good selection of games, with many of my favourites among them. I enjoyed being on a pleasant-looking site that clearly took time to create.”

Judging by the comments from users, Touch Casino has had an impressive launch, with the majority of messages being positive in tone. In particular, the layout and visuals of the gaming interface were praised for their clarity, which was to be expected. In addition, the pace of customer service was liked by some users, who praised the efficient way in which they received help.

The fact that there is no account and that money is transferred at a rapid pace has been a source of satisfaction for many, as the comments of the players who have visited the service show. Of course, there are now thirteen dozen no-account sites, but this newcomer has done something right to get this kind of feedback.

Is Touch Casino for me? 

This brand-new release is a great place for both the casual gambler and the more active entertainment seeker. Its brilliant game library will provide entertainment for a long time to come, as there is no shortage of quality products. There's such a wide variety on offer that the faint-hearted will be horrified to watch Touch Casino in action.

What's more, the mobile interface is top-notch, so mobile enthusiasts are sure to be pleased. The gaming trend in question is as common as the QWERTY combination of letters as a password, but still, the poor usability on small screens is a bad thing and takes away interest in the site immediately.

Let's highlight another special category for those interested in live games, as Touch Casino's coverage of over 150 different establishments will have card and roulette game lovers heading to this recent case. But as we said above, the newcomer is a really good destination for just about anyone, regardless of what type of player you are.

Is Touch Casino a scam?

One of the most important aspects is also the honesty that you can enjoy at this site. With a quality owner, the best license in the industry, and an otherwise good reputation, players are guaranteed a safe and reliable gaming experience at Touch Casino. So there's no need to be suspicious about cheating and you can have full confidence in the operation.

In addition to the previous points, SSL security ensures that your data is kept safe and secure. This means that when you visit the service and when making payments, every single piece of data is kept between you and the venue. So no personal information goes anywhere else.

Final Verdict 

There are not many online casinos that can match Touch Casino’s all-round strengths and the casino has been making real waves in the online gaming space since its launch. With such an impressive list of quality games, as well as high payout ratios, a strong security system, flexible payment options, and a crack support team it is easy to see why players enjoy playing at Touch Casino. Try the casino today and qualify for a healthy €750 Welcome Bonus and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Touch Casino FAQ 

Is Touch Casino a trustworthy online casino?

Produced by a well-known team of backers, Touch Casino is absolutely trustworthy, as both the owner company and the casino site in question are closely monitored by the gaming authorities.

How do I open an account at Touch Casino?

A gaming account is opened by authenticating when making a deposit, so there is no need to fill out any registration forms.

Where can I read about experiences with Touch Casino?

You can read plenty of user feedback and other general comments in this review article about the casino operator.

Does Touch Casino offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

New players to this casino can look forward to getting a 150% welcome bonus of up to 750 EUR/USD.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Touch Casino?

Funds are always transferred instantly or within a few minutes at most, as the casino site operates via a simple online banking login.

Is Touch Casino a scam?

No, it is not. There is no dishonesty involved and this is by far one of the most trustworthy casino operators on the market.

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