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Here's good news for those who enjoy the smell of fire-steeped portals and are keen to explore pristine environments. A familiar name has launched a slot named after a small and tangy citrus fruit. We will be able to taste the Casilime, which has been opened up to the roots, and the features it brings with it, right after the opening.

The details are now in place and the features can be referred to by their proper names. First of all, this site is backed by White Hat Gaming Ltd, a company that has made a name for itself with a number of quality sites. Among these, we can mention Sisu and Mahti, for example, which are also being followed this time around.

What the old ones have done before, Casilime is following suit, which means that players will be spoiled in a really nice way. Payments are made quickly and there is no need to spend extra time logging in, as it is done with the help of bank IDs. Now that the basics have been squeezed out, it's time to put the thinking cap on a little deeper and start exploring what else is in store.

Casilime Casino Bonuses

The bargain hunters will have to sharpen their claws for a while longer and scan the potential prey, as there is no mention of the Casilime welcome bonus. However, if we look at it from the point of view of what similar sites offer, the only thing on offer is to play with your own money.

Very often, sites that roll out in a free-for-all fashion rely solely on fast action and no benefits are given out for the initial journey. This model has almost become the norm and for this reason deposit promotions should be sought elsewhere.

Overal Look & Navigation 

The standards for layout have become more stringent over the years, and whereas once upon a time a list of games was enough, today's gamers are so cranky that any shoddy site will do. This has put operators in a tight spot, as the portal needs to run smoothly and include eye candy.

As far as the exterior is concerned, Casilime's previous productions have been real model pupils and there is no sign of any slowing down. Previous venues have delighted players with their clear and impressive frames. There have been some nice graphical elements and eye-pleasing features without appearing to be a bridge salad.

Website Design

This design is also very much present at Casilime Casino, where a large banner adorns the front page. To top it off, it has been given a touch of colourful lights and delicious fruit to set the mood for a gambling trip. Visually, the store is a handsome landscape to the eye and the light background adds a wild sense of clarity.

Today's requirements have been well taken into account in the design and development phase, with the latest technologies available. The site's body scales smoothly to both computer and smartphone screens, so you can visit Casilime whenever you feel like it.


In terms of functionality, loading times have been kept to a minimum, so navigation and opening games is a breeze. Navigation is quite straightforward, with the game selection opening directly from the lobby and the menu bar in the top left-hand corner being used to navigate elsewhere. Very traditional action is on offer, if you have any previous gaming experience under your belt.

Of course, an integral part of the rapidly updating address is the account-free login, which is also what Casilime has chosen. This method is already more common on recent releases than relying on a traditional form and can be accessed very easily with just a bank ID.

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Casilime Casino Games 

An impressive-looking site and incredibly fast payments alone will not be enough to propel a fresh site towards the brightest lights in the industry. You need something for that, and you need a lot of it. That something, of course, is the variety of games that people move to sites like this for.

In terms of choice, Casilime is not overshadowed by others, with shelves bursting with a wide variety of things to do. There's plenty to choose from and quality hasn't been overlooked in any way, with the top names in the industry coming through with their own products. NetEnt, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, and many other studios are responsible for the games.

In terms of categorisation, the guest path has been smoothed out really smoothly, with many varied categories to choose from. Almost every single style of game has its own listing on Casilime, so there's little need for a search box. If anything, it will appeal to a player who appreciates effortlessness and values their time immensely.


The simplest and most popular facilities that gambling establishments have are, of course, slot machines. These machines have been loved throughout the years and there is no end in sight to the warm embrace.

There's plenty to do at Casilime in this department, and there's no need to go elsewhere. The best-known suppliers are, of course, on site with their own equipment, which adds to the quality considerably.


If you don't like machines with small payouts but are interested in the big winnings, you should head for the jackpot list. These games offer the chance to pick up some handsome sums that are sure to keep you warm for longer.

There's a nice amount of action sneaked into the catalogue, and there are progressively increasing jackpots to join Casilime's festive ranks. Players will love that too, which of course will boost the shares handsomely.


Next, let's pick the category with the fastest-growing popularity among the categories. The games in this category have features that other types of games can only dream of. High randomness in both paylines and number of icons opens up the potential for big wins.

This category has clearly been priority number one on Casilime's meter, with a dedicated catalogue and several dozen games showing up handsomely on the site. With themes ranging from bikes to outboard motors, there's certainly never a dull moment.

Live Casino & Table Games

We can't comment on whether the site has been released to the market in a somewhat incomplete state, as the range of traditional card games remains somewhat limited. So there are some, but the number is in the dozens.

This, at the time of writing at least, is Casilime's stumbling block, for which it needs a lot more meat on the bones. If this newcomer can get it right, there will certainly be more positive feedback and more pleasant looks on the faces of customers.

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Casilime Casino Support 

With a well-rolling site and a quality game selection, one of the most visible things to the player is efficient customer support. This area needs to be in a diamond shape so that a player who finds themselves in a bad situation can get the help they need. Good customer service is something that is often talked about in close circles and, of course, on online discussion forums, so it has to be spot on.

Very common ways of getting help are also present at Casilime and players can communicate their problems via chat and email ([email protected]). In both channels, help, and answers are provided by a friendly and professional team of service-minded individuals. So you won't be bounced around by a robot when you approach the gaming hub with any issues.

The smoothest and most popular of the channels is live chat, which allows for a one-on-one, real-time conversation with a customer service representative. In this window, you can seamlessly describe your situation that needs solving. The same cry for help can also be sent by email but at a slower pace.

Casilime Casino Banking 

On the payments side, there is no noticeable dip in the level of activity, as players are offered nothing but the latest technology. Money transfers via the service selected, along with simultaneous authentication, make traveling a lot easier.

To enter, players need to authenticate with their banking credentials via the Zimpler portal, which transfers both funds and unique identification details directly and securely to Casilime Casino. This payment method also brings with it fast withdrawals, which pop into the account almost instantly upon approval of the request.

Deposits also move quickly and once the payment is approved, there is no time to say ‘no' once the funds are already in the player's account at Casilime. This kind of operation is now almost universal among gambling sites, but it is still a very important feature when comparing operators.

Gaming Licence Information

These operators are subject to external supervision by the authorities of various countries, which are harnessed to monitor the organisations involved in gambling. First of all, any gaming establishment that enters the market is subjected to a rigorous screening process, during which its practices are thoroughly checked. If it passes this test with flying colours, it will be granted a licence to offer games to customers.

Casilime Casino also has such a certificate, which is a firm grip from Malta (MGA/B2C/370/2017). From the same address, this newcomer's siblings as well as hundreds of other operators have applied for their licenses. It is one of the most prestigious and the services of the authority are in high demand these days, and there is no need to wrinkle your nose at all.

Casilime Trustpilot Reviews

“I was already familiar with the products of this company, which is why I headed to the latest release. Overall, a clear site, and the operation was really hassle-free.”

“Playing account-free is always a pleasure as there are no completely unnecessary sign-up processes to complete. It's always good to build on that, because at the same time the withdrawals are very ripe.”

“There was plenty to play with, which is only a good thing. I wouldn't stay at such an address for a moment longer if the selection was really limited. But now there was a wide range of activities in several different categories.”

Even though the portal has only been open for a few days, quick gamblers have already had time to test Casilime. This gives us a complete first glimpse of how the newcomer has been perceived.

The start looks promising, at least according to the comments, which is of course to the liking of the people behind Casilime. In particular, swift action has been praised, ranging from general operations to withdrawals. Add to that a nice selection of gaming machines and the foundations are in place for a substantial upturn.

Casilime Casino Features 

The gaming area we have with us today is very flexible in the sense that it can accommodate both the more experienced machine tapper and the novice taking his or her first fumbling steps. The functions are easily accessible, making navigation and browsing games effortless.

Of course, more seasoned heroes will be pleased with Casilime's loyalty programme, which allows them to enjoy a range of benefits and promotions. This loyalty programme awards points for every spin on the site, and these points can then be exchanged for various chips packages.

Mobile players are also catered for in an impressive way and no fancy device is required to launch Casilime. Whether you're on the road or on your couch, the service works well on both larger and smaller devices. Ultimately, this address is a great destination for all types of gamer because of the breadth of options.

Is Casilime a scam?

The newcomer that has just opened its doors is something quite different from what the question in the headline paints, as it will not fall prey to robbery. Casilime's business is based on integrity and looking after the interests of its customers. Players are offered a server that operates behind strict encryption, where their data is kept under tight security and out of the hands of the unscrupulous.

Of course, this is a for-profit company, whose revenue comes from the money lost by players. There's no denying that, but if that's the basis for calling the operator a scam then it's time to check in the mirror to see if anyone is looking back. Because Casilime's games are tested and fair, so every spin has a chance of either winning or losing.

The journey on behalf of the players is also protected by a respected authority, which handles external monitoring. This means that Casilime is constantly under the radar and if the licensing body detects any anomalies, it will address them immediately. With these considerations in mind, we can conclude that this is not a scam and you can head to its website with confidence.

Our Final Verdict 

This has given us a taste of a fresh portal, which provided us with a wealth of information about a new address. Of course, at this point, there are always question marks over the direction the operation will take, but in the end, we can be pretty sure that there will be plenty of fun and entertainment in store.

Casilime, which relies on a space-free operation, is sure to charm crowds all over the web, and the lively money transfers will put winnings nicely in your pocket. There's not much to improve on in terms of the game selection, with the biggest and toughest players in the game. So the package sounds well put together and now the plug is in and the machines are powered up.

A closer look has now been completed and Casilime has managed to leave a good taste in the mouth. We will now let time pass and watch with interest to see how far this newcomer can go. We believe that the trajectory will continue along the same strong line, so it is a potential player.

Casilime FAQ 

Is Casilime a reliable online casino?

It is the latest addition to the family of secure gaming sites from a long-established provider. Licensed by the authorities, the site features secure payments and reliable slot machines.

How do I open an account at Casilime online casino?

There's no need to worry about opening your own account, as it is automatically activated when you confirm your first deposit. This means that you will be authenticated using your bank details and you will not need to send any documents.

Where can I read about my experiences with Casilime online casino?

Now that this young male has been taken out of the maternity ward and into the waves of the market, we offer a skewed stack of feedback from visitors.

Does Casilime offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

At this time, play is only with self-deposited tokens and there is no actual welcome bonus available at all.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Casilime online casino?

Money transfers are made using bank codes and are at the top of the industry in terms of speed. There is no need to wait for funds to go either way as they move almost instantly.

Is Casilime a scam?

It is not a scam and will never become one. Only an honest operator provides transparent information about its activities and numerous partners are there to back it up.

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