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After a hot year, the summer seems to be continuing hot and heavy, with fresh blood flooding the market at an outrageous rate! Today we're taking a look at the exciting new Slotsflix offering, which just opened a week ago, so let's take a real look at this fresh new slot!

The site is part of Familypot B.V., which includes some absolutely top-notch games. The company's previous productions include Helmi Casino, Betzerk, and the really hard-hitting All In Casino. With these credentials, expectations are very high and the vibe is naturally high.

Right at the top of the review, we already had a thorough look at Slotflix's initial offer, which is undeniably exceptionally good. Decent promotions are always a good sign and it's always a day of joy and elation when a site with such decent offers comes along. Of course, this raises expectations even higher, so let's go and see what else is going on with this newcomer!

Slotsflix Casino Bonuses 

This slots streaming service treats its customers very well, offering a much bigger package of benefits than is usually the case with these bankcard and speed-focused sites. The two-stage package includes a total of €500 free chips, so this offer is a great way to get things off to a good start.

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to €300
  • Second deposit: 50% bonus up to €200

To claim both of these benefits, a minimum deposit of €20 per deposit is required. A 30-day grace period is given to redeem the benefits, with a 40x wagering requirement on both the benefit package and the deposit.

Please read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully, as there is some noteworthy information regarding the benefit. For example, note that the maximum stake to play with the benefits is €5. If you play for more than this, the site threatens to confiscate your winnings. So watch out like a carrot!

Slotsflix Overall Look

This company's sites have a history of looking good, and Slotsflix does not break the tried and tested pattern in this respect. There's no special theme to the site, although the name, which cleverly refers to the streaming service, gives it a good chance to do so. It may well be that the operator is not taking any unnecessary risks with copyright issues and that this lack of a theme is therefore a good choice.

The front page of the cave is dominated by a selection of games that invites you to enjoy yourself, which means that you can dive into the site's offerings in a surprisingly nice way. The site has been designed with ease of use and speed in mind, so navigation is a breeze and playing games is clearly the main and number one thing here.

The whole thing is really functional and the dark petrol blue background colour works perfectly, so it's nice to play in this gaming cave even at night, without straining your eyes. The rest of the design is delightfully modern and functional, which of course contributes significantly to player enjoyment.

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Slotsflix Casino Games

The site's host company doesn't deviate from its quality standards when it comes to games and game developers either, so Familypot is up there with Slotsflix in this respect too. The selection of games is therefore extremely tough and the focus is purely on the familiar entertainment games, meaning that there is no betting or anything similar on offer at all.

It's very nice that the operator has invested heavily in familiar and popular gambling games, the selection of which is absolutely fantastic here. All the familiar and most common game categories are represented, the menus and genres are clearly presented and the search function works perfectly, making it easy to find the games you want.

The selection is of course made up of the best game makers on the market, so there's no need to suffer through any mediocre games. If you take a look at the Slotsflix overview section, it's pretty clear that the only thing on offer here is the hardest stuff possible. The new games section is also full of fresh and interesting hits!


If you're dying to get your hands on some of the best elite slots on the market, then Slotsflix's excellent selection is definitely worth checking out! This is a selection that will satisfy even the most hardcore slots nerd, meaning the standard is delightfully high and there's plenty to choose from in this category.

The hardest hits include NetEnt, which has long dominated the industry, but here the giants are also being challenged by more recent players such as Yggdrasil. All in all, the slots on this site are top of the range and, as the site's name implies, they're all prime.

Jackpot Games

Very diamond-hard stuff can also be found in the jackpot games section of this gaming cave, so fans of this genre shouldn't miss out on this hot newcomer. Right from the start, you'll be treated to a huge amount of top product in the form of Mega Moolah games and Mega Fortune, so you'll notice from the get-go that Slotsflix is not playing around in this respect either.

The number of games isn't huge, but it doesn't have to be when the quality is this high. Just get Wheel of Wishes or Mercy of the Gods going and keep your fingers crossed, because this is a great place to chase the million-dollar winnings!

Live Dealer 

The live games offered by this operator are built entirely on Evolution Gaming‘s output, so there's not much choice in terms of manufacturer. That's hardly a bad thing, though, as this is by far the best live games producer in the online gaming world.

Despite the lack of manufacturers, there's plenty to choose from, with a great selection of all sorts of fun stuff. You'll be able to enjoy a wide variety of card and roulette games with live dealers, as well as game shows hits like Monopoly Live.

Other Games

Surprisingly, you won't find the usual table and card games, but that's not a big problem either. After all, it seems that these old classics are nowadays mostly churned out in modern live formats, but it may be that many players will still miss the virtual card games of the old union.

Of course, the hottest of the slots, the Megaways versions of the hit games, are also on the way, with a whole category created for them. Alongside these hits, the search function also reveals a range of scratch cards, although the traditional granny favourite, bingo, does not appear to be on offer.

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Slotsflix Casino Banking 

The stylish Slotsflix wants to make payments as easy and convenient as possible, which is why the site has chosen several payment services to handle your money transactions. Players can choose how they want to transfer their money, so there's plenty of choice.

For example, you can use payment cards, so if you have Visa or Mastercard in your wallet, you can use these to make payments. The service works with both debit and credit cards, so depositing using these methods is very easy.

Other payment methods are also available, so there's plenty to choose from. Withdrawal times vary slightly for each payment method, so it's worth checking the operator's website carefully before making your choice.

Slotsflix Customer Service 

This operator knows how to serve players very well, as the site offers round-the-clock support! Best of all, the customer support on this site is also fully localised, making it really suitable for players with no language skills and for those whose English is so poor that they find it difficult to fiddle with customer service. No language skills are needed here, problems are solved in the player's native language!

The site is indeed open 24 hours a day, but there may not be a free customer service agent available at any given time who speaks your language of choice. During office hours, however, localised help is available, which makes it much easier to solve problems.

Players can approach customer support in the traditional way, either via live chat or email. Of the two options, chat is superior in that it gets things done and resolves issues quickly. Of course, you can also use email, but there is a longer delay in getting a response than live chat.

Slotsflix Trustpilot Reviews 

“A very businesslike looking and functional gaming site! I've liked the company's other slots, but after a quick test I'd say this is probably the best and most interesting one yet. With that said, a very strong recommendation if you're looking for some real entertainment with tangible benefits!”

“A delightfully clear and, above all, snappy package that's a real pleasure to use. It also works right across the board in terms of choice, with a selection of both benefits and games that, for this player at least, is perfectly satisfying. I think it's a set worthy of five stars.”

“Nothing bad to say at all. A straightforward and businesslike set, which is also very nice looking. There are plenty of payment methods, the games are in good condition and the package is nicely put together. A very convincing presentation in every respect.”

This newcomer has certainly been a hit with players, so we couldn't find any negative feedback or other howls of praise on the internet, only praise. As one player said in his feedback, there is nothing bad to say about this site and we fully agree with this statement.

Players who have tested the site praise the site's payments, its straightforward and clean layout, and its impeccable selection. This operator offers a substantial number of great games and a really good benefits package, which are reason enough to give it a try in the first place. Fortunately, on top of these, everything else is excellent!

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A modern, modern and modern launch, with a modern, modern and modern platform. Pack it up, because we've gone through everything Slotsflix has to offer. With a decent front-row seat, fun experiences and more, it's easy to recommend this newcomer to any player looking for a good and rewarding gaming experience, especially if speed is at the top of your priority list.

The benefits are at a really high level and they really make the site stand out from the many other fresh sites out there. In many cases, these sites don't necessarily offer anything, so it's worth checking out this newcomer's offerings in that respect too.

The operator also offers players a full library of games worth a tenner, which won't leave the discerning player cold. There's enough entertainment to keep you entertained for days and weeks, which makes browsing the Slotsflix selection a real pleasure. The quality, selection and everything else here is spot on, so head straight for the games!

Is Slotsflix reliable?

Players can enjoy the entertainment services offered by Slotsflix with complete peace of mind, as it is a thoroughly tested site that has been proven to be completely safe and reliable. It is part of the renowned Familypot family of games, which in itself is a guarantee of quality and reliability, as the company is naturally keen to maintain its reputation.

In addition to this, the site's reliability has also been confirmed by the authorities, as the Curacao Gaming Authority has granted the site its official operating licence. The same authorities make sure that the site follows the rules, laws and common rules of the game, so here the games are fair and things are done in a way that lasts the day.

What kind of player is Slotsflix suitable for?

This new operator is perfect for all kinds of players, as the offer is so excellent and the quality of the package is unbelievable across the board. Especially for those who love the fast-paced deposit and play action, this brand new site is worth a look as the pace is fast and the action is crazy.

In addition to its ease of use and sleek look, the site also offers beginners exceptionally good initial benefits, so it's a great place to start if you're looking for a bargain and other benefits. Few modern sites offer such benefits, which in itself is a good reason to give Slotsflix a try.

Add to this the extremely tough and polished game library offered by the site and you'll really get your socks in a twist. The game selection is sure to satisfy all players who love quality and good titles, so this is another reason to put the site at the top of your try list immediately!

Slotsflix Casino FAQs

Is Slotsflix a safe casino?

Of course, player safety is taken care of in an exemplary manner. Modern encryption technologies, strict regulatory controls and everything else keeps the player like a lord in the pocket.

Does Slotsflix give out bonuses or free spins to its players?

There are no free games in this fast-paced site's initial offer, but there are plenty of other benefits. All in all, there's a total of €500 worth of chips in the starter pack to get you started.

How do I open an account with Slotsflix?

It's very easy, meaning that players can easily create an account directly from the operator's homepage without having to make any adjustments.

Is Slotsflix Casino a scam?

This is a completely honest site that is strictly controlled by the authorities, meaning there is no room for any kind of scam activity. So you can enjoy the site's offerings without any scam concerns.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Slotsflix Casino?

This operator wants to provide players with the ability to make payments as quickly and simply as possible, which is why there is only one payment method that uses bank IDs and through which all money transactions go.

Which license does Slotsflix operate under and are winnings tax-free?

This operator is licensed by a gaming authority outside of Europe, which means that players based in the EU will have to pay taxes on their winnings on their own initiative.

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