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Members of the world's animal kingdom have been used as the figurehead or mascot of some kind of venue on several occasions over the years and now a newcomer has arrived on the market with a moustachioed guy as its mascot. Named after the freshwater Norpa, the casino has finally opened its doors and now, thankfully, the endangered seal is more often found on the digital web than the fishing net.

The newly launched operator comes from R&B Innovations N.V., whose previous animal-themed site was called Doggo Casino. The company's management team is very animal-loving and they have decided to stick to this approach with their latest product. Norppa Kasino's concern for the environment is also reflected in the brand's involvement in supporting the vitality of the seal.

Preliminary indications are that it will be a similar upbeat affair to the previous sibling's portal. There will be a wide range of payment options to choose from and the user interface should be in order for players to enjoy a quality environment. So let's head to the destination of the firebrand and take a closer look at what this newcomer has to offer.

Norppa Kasino Welcome Bonus 

Players joining the ranks of this gallant newcomer can expect a tactful welcome package that will give them a nice start to this Norppa safari. Players will get to spin the reels with a qualifying €200 worth of gear with 200 free spins attached:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to €200 + 200 free spins

The spins on offer come in batches of 20 pieces over the next 10 days, so you won't be able to loop the full set in one go. Each batch is assigned to a different slot machine, among which are many highly popular titles. The promotion can be activated with a minimum deposit of €20 and both the chips and free spins wins received as a benefit must be wagered 35 times over. In addition to that, it should be noted that the wagering requirements must be met within 30 days for cash benefits and 10 days for spins.

Norppa Kasino User Experience 

Very often, game platforms from the same publisher are built on the same layout, with only a changing theme to distinguish them. This is also the case with this newcomer. There are plenty of similarities to the previous one, which in the case of Norppa Kasino is a good thing.

The overall look is very upbeat and light, which is conducive to creating a nice atmosphere while playing. A seal called Onni, peeping here and there, is the perfect host for this excursion, which is set in some kind of lake escape.

The simple and clear site features nice graphic elements and visually this fresh gaming site is a stylish release. The combination of blue and white works like a train's toilet, and there's nothing else to complain about in terms of the look of this newcomer, with a really impressive level of execution on offer.

Now that we've got our eyes off this world-class exterior, it's time to find out how it handles. For the most part, the core components and features required are in place at Norpa Casino to make the player's journey as smooth as possible.

The single most important navigation tool can be found at the very top of the screen, where the menu bar is located. Nothing else is really needed, as the links provided will allow you to open your own account with Norppa Kasino or jump to the game selection. In addition, the promotional tray opens from the top, so those interested in the offers can drool over the benefits on offer.

A big part of the usability is of course the way the gates are opened, in other words, the model chosen for logging in. Norppa has adopted that slightly stickier route, requiring players to manually open an account. The fact that a sign-up form has to be filled in slows down an otherwise smooth and seamless operation, but it does not make the journey feel like a tar run. It's a quick way to enter your details and go muckraking with Onni.

Norppa Kasino Games Online 

The nest dug for the spring chinook offers a wealth of choices instead of a cuckoo, with plenty to do for every situation. To make browsing the catalogue easier, Norppa has deliberately divided the products into several categories, consisting of the most popular devices in the gaming industry. There are slots, jackpots and many other styles to choose from.

The number of specimens in the library hovers in the thousands, which, as a small nugget of information, is many times the population of real seals. The shelves of the newcomer are of course lined with the biggest hits and classics on the market, which of course come from the stocks of the biggest manufacturers. So there's nothing by the dozen, just the juiciest salmon fillet on offer.

Norppa Kasino is joined by the likes of Ezugi, Pragmatic Play and NetEnt, to name but a few. This treat is backed by many other publishers, which from a player's point of view can only be a good thing. There's plenty to choose from, so the only thing left for the player to do is head for their favourites.

Slot Machines 

Of the categories to choose from, the one that stands out is of course the category that many will find the toughest, and the one that remains at the top of the list year after year. These slots appeal for their simple logic and a rather modest operation, as the extra reels and gimmicks are often pruned away.

However, no one is willing to make more than their fair share of plain, flat spinners, so luckily Norppa has put together a long list of different slots. Themes vary from side to side and there's plenty of high-quality entertainment on offer.

Jackpot Games

If a little fun isn't what you're looking for on your gaming trip, then head to the world of jackpots. These slot machines can in some cases bring players millions of dollars in winnings, which are sure to please one gambler or another.

The Norppa Kasino portal is a good place to find these big wins, as the newcomer has put together a juicy palette of different jackpot games. With both fixed amounts and progressively increasing payouts, there's something to suit all tastes.

Megaways Games

The next of the categories opens behind the handsome letter M, which takes players straight to the MW slots. The mere fact that a completely dedicated category is available adds value for players, rather than having to search for the devices in question. So all you need to do is find the right button and up to 80 titles open up before your eyes.

The games come from the hottest mega games manufacturers in the industry, who have packed the Norppa Kasino range to the brim. From the classics in this category to the latest releases, you're sure to have a good time exploring.

Live Casino & Table Games

While we're on the subject of slots and vending machines, let's highlight the table games on offer. Over the years, gamblers have moved on from card and roulette games to the spinning reels, but from time to time they find themselves drawn back to the traditional circles. To satisfy this craving, the Oiva snorkel has a nice-looking set of slots with an automaton to take care of the dealing.

When you move to the live section via the top bar, you'll be treated to a video feed of the tables and the real people responsible for running them. This is as close to the real thing as you can get from the comfort of your own couch, and with a catalogue that includes Evolution, the quality guarantee is justified.

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Norppa Kasino Payment Methods 

Although gaming operators often advertise their own payments as smooth and hassle-free, the reality can be quite different, especially if you have not read the terms and conditions of the transaction. For this reason, we want to shed some light on the payment policy of each and every individual to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

Let's start by chewing through the money transfer services available at Norppa Kasino, where players can choose from a number of familiar operators. As usual, in addition to debit cards and bank transfers, funds are moved via Paysafecard and Skrill, for example. If you wish, you can also use cryptocurrencies to launch games and withdraw your winnings.

Immediately processed deposits will appear as available funds almost the moment you accept the transfer. In order to get the money back from the account, a withdrawal request must be made and will be approved within 24 hours at the latest. The same €20 minimum limit applies to both deposits and withdrawals and the maximum limit for a single withdrawal is set at €2000.

Norppa Kasino Gaming Licence 

No matter how endangered the creature is, the same rules apply to anyone who tries to get in on these shrimps. Thus, Norppa Kasino must also hold a licence from a regulatory body, which allows it to offer gaming entertainment to its customers.

This seal's licence comes from the island of Curacao (8048 / JAZ2021-012), where a dinghy wiping the salty waters of the sea has gone to get its own certificate. Thus, the newcomer operates in accordance with the rules and requirements of this agency to ensure that players' trips are safe. With hundreds of operators currently sailing under this flag, it's all about impeccable supervision.

Norppa Kasino Support Service 

On this wormhole, the roles are reversed and people can get help from the endangered Norppa for their own tricky situations. If problems or questions arise, there's no need to press the panic button, as the helpful customer service cooks are happy to guide and instruct.

There is no need to set aside time to contact them, as the Norppa Kasino support team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The channels of communication are quite familiar to anyone who has visited any of the gaming sites, as communication is via email and live chat.

Of the two channels, the chat room at Norppa Kasino is by far the quickest, putting the customer and a member of staff in the same conversation. It is therefore advisable to use it for acute problems and email ([email protected]) for non-urgent situations. In addition, the operator also provides information, for example through the FAQ list, which answers a number of common questions.

Norppa Kasino Trustpilot Reviews 

“I really liked the manufacturer's previous site, so I was happy to check out this newcomer. The site itself is clear and easy to use, so no time was spent on anything extra. You have to take your hat off to the selection, because it was such a nice selection.”

“This Norpa became my favourite by a long shot. I've been following its fellow species via livestream, so I had to check out this portal. Great execution and it worked exactly as it was supposed to. Of course, it's a great feeling to know that the venue is also contributing financially to nature conservation.”

“An attractive and compact site, where you feel very comfortable. There was plenty to play with and the 24-hour customer service responded promptly. The choice of payment methods is always a positive thing.”

The newly opened gaming arena has welcomed its first guests and their comments on the Norppa Safari were complimentary. Building a reputation starts from the very first moments, so in that case this publication has succeeded in its mission.

There is a game selection to suit all tastes and the numerous alternative payment methods will have players rubbing their hands together. Otherwise, judging by the messages, it's a stylish place to spend your time and there's not much negative to say about it.


We have thus been able to go through the facts and features that can be seen with the naked eye and a little more study. There were also many great solutions and a handsome layout, which we believe will play a major role in Norppa Kasino's rise to stardom.

In terms of the games on offer, there is nothing but quality equipment and the number of games on offer outweighs many of the competition. So there's a huge range of entertainment packed into Norppa's stately setting, with something for everyone. So there should be no shortage of anything, which of course raises expectations even higher.

The general understanding is that the policies are very similar to the other addresses of the underlying company, so the traditional form-based sign-up has been chosen. Now the cube has grown to its full size and is ready to celebrate its grand opening, which we encourage you to attend.

Is Norppa Kasino a scam?

You won't be fooled in these waters, the operation is as transparent as clear lake water. The operator puts its own terms and conditions in a clearly readable format, giving you the full picture of the action at Norppa Kasino. In addition, 24/7 support is available to help you at every turn, so you won't be left alone with any problems you may encounter.

Integrity is also found in black and white, as Norppa is licensed by the Gaming Authority, which is also a guarantee of strict external control. This means that the venue is strictly regulated and cannot afford to slip up on the regulations at all.

Technologies are also there to safeguard your gaming trips at Norppa Kasino, as its website is effectively secured. Thus, your data is safe whenever you move around the gaming hub. Both the games and the payment services are software and channels created by iron-clad professionals, so there are no question marks in the air about them either.

Do we recommend Norppa Kasino? 

This visual flower is well suited to a wide variety of players, with a quality design that will impress any guest. The usability is so simple and straightforward that you'll have a great time at Norppa Kasino, even if it's your first time at any gaming site. That alone will bring many players to the site, because who wouldn't enjoy the uncomplicated environment.

Of course, the money transfer services available are a chapter in themselves, and Norppa offers plenty of them. The kind of tool you don't find here, you hardly need. Therein lies the opportunity for every player to choose the method of currency transfer that suits them best, so it's sure to be a meaningful trip.

Then there's Norppa Kasino's game deck, which doesn't lack a tight cannon. There are hard-hitting products side-by-side as well as overlapping, and there doesn't seem to be a shortage of offerings in any category. After all, the portal is for people who don't want the hustle and bustle, but just want to spend their time playing games.

Norppa Kasino FAQs

Is Norppa Kasino a trustworthy online casino?

The recent launch offers nothing but safe dealing with products from the toughest gaming providers on the market. Payments are handled by reputable providers and monitored by one of the strictest authorities in the industry.

How do I open an account at Norppa Kasino?

To open a gaming account, you need to fill in the necessary information on the registration form, which can be found on the operator's homepage.

Where can I read about experience with Norppa Kasino?

Now that this wreck has been unleashed and the operation is up and running, we present on this page comments from players as well as a full review of the site by our editors.

Does Norppa Kasino offer bonuses to new customers?

There is indeed plenty of goodies on offer and players can claim up to €200 worth of chips and 200 free spins with their first deposit.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Norppa Kasino?

When it comes to money transfers, the newcomer is not in the slickest of boxes, but deposits are almost instantaneous. Withdrawals require a separate approval and then arrive in the timeframe of

the payment method, around 1-5 days.

Is Norppa Kasino a scam?

Not a scam at all. The company responsible for the publication is known for its reliability and the same policy will continue with this site.

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