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The newly opened Sisu Kasino offers players an insanely good and polished gaming environment, as well as of course an elite gaming library and decent speeds in a modern style!

General Information 

Summer is hot, and the constant flood of fresh gaming holes seems to be even hotter! With a steady stream of hot newcomers hitting the market and now players are being treated to the sequel to a real hit, the mighty Power Casino, which has been dubbed Sisu Kasino.

This 2022 newcomer is of course a direct successor to its big brother, so players have every reason to expect a hard-hitting and interesting set. Of course, following the example set by Isoveika, there will be some great gaming experiences and first-class quality, so players will have plenty of reasons to be excited about this red-hot site.

It's all run by the very well-known and reputable White Hat Gaming, which is of course a guarantee of quality. In this review, our team will go through the offerings and selection of the newly launched Sisu Kasino, so if you're interested in what this entertainment gaming site is all about, you've come to the right place.

Sisu's Website Look 

Cleanliness and clarity are clearly Sisu Kasino's trump cards, meaning that this site specialising in fast-paced action is a very streamlined and snappy affair. This is also reflected in the layout of the site, which is easy to use, clear and simple.

In terms of layout, the site is very similar to its big brother, Teho, which is by no means a bad thing. There is no special theme or anything extra to be found in Sisu, but the whole package is very clean and businesslike. The name of the game is clearly gaming and not some extra fiddling around.

The colour scheme is delightfully harmonious and simple, so there's no fireworks in this area either. The quality operator is clearly investing in speed and pure gaming, so the site is tailor-made for live action lovers who don't want anything extra from their gaming experience.

Sisu Kasino Bonus 

The benefits for the new player are something that always interests me when it comes to fresh gaming sites. Nowadays, modern sites that operate with bank codes have become more and more common, and with them, the benefits packages have often fallen by the wayside. This has also happened at Sisu, which means that instead of recycling benefits, the focus here is on what really matters – playing fast!

Of course, it may well be that the site will be adding some benefits or offers to its portfolio in the near future, but we'll see about that later. Either way, the site's offerings, even as they stand, are perfectly suited to today's players, for whom a decent speed means even more benefits.

Indeed, the simplicity and security of the service is so high, thanks to the bank codes, that you won't even miss the offers when you're playing. Sometimes it's nice to focus on the essentials rather than fussing with wagering requirements and other restrictions, and if this kind of relaxed and straightforward approach appeals to you, then choose Sisu Kasino!

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Sisu Kasino Games 

This operator has a huge selection of the best games on the market, so the quality is definitely there. They've also got the quantity down to a tee, so there's a huge variety of games to choose from. So the comprehensive selection of games will certainly not leave anyone cold!

In the traditional style, this operator only focuses on offering traditional gambling games, which means that betting, for example, is not available at all on Sisu. However, that's no bad thing, as the huge selection of slots and other games will ensure that betting is not even an option.


Like its big brother, Power, the site has a generous dose of the best game providers on the market, meaning that here too the quality is the best it can be. You'll find titles from Microgaming, for example, as well as big hits from NetEnt, Microgaming and many smaller manufacturers.


The operator's selection is a diamond in the rough, and the high standard is especially evident in the slots department, with so many absolute top-tier titles to be found on Sisu. All the hottest and latest slot innovations are of course included, and there's no shortage of old classics either.

You can explore the slots selection in the slots category, but you can also get your hands on games from the genre in the new and popular games sections. The sheer number of games will make your head spin and the quality will make your socks turn, making this the perfect site for slot lovers.

Jackpot Games

Following in the footsteps of its big brother, the site has a nice dose of great jackpot games, but for some reason, there's no dedicated category for this genre of games. This means that players have to search for their favourites using a search engine, which is obviously not particularly optimal.

Fortunately, using the search function reveals that there are, for example, excellent titles from the Mega Moolah family, which you can easily and comfortably chase mega-wins worth millions of euros. While there is plenty to choose from, a separate category for jackpot games would be a welcome addition.

Live Games

The brand new Sisu Kasino also offers some of the best live games on the market, with a great selection of card and table games run by real operators. The selection is of excellent quality and consists of hits from two of the biggest names in the industry, Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming.

If you want to enjoy live games in a game show format such as Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, or more traditional roulette and others, this site is the perfect place to do it. There's a comprehensive range of genre titles on offer, so fans of all types of games will be well catered for.

Other Games

If you want to enjoy a little more specialised games, Sisu is a great way to do that too. If you enter the magic word “scratch” in the search box, you'll find a handful of different scratchcards. There's also some bingo on offer.

There's also a healthy dose of the best Megaways games, so this popular form of gaming is also part of the operator's comprehensive offering. The finishing touch is provided by traditional table games, meaning that the classics can be enjoyed here without the live mechanic.

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Sisu Kasino Payments 

This site handles money transactions in the best possible way, which means that the payment intermediary of choice is no less than the legendary and ridiculously secure Trustly. As a result, players do not need to create an account on the site, just deposit and authenticate at the same time.

It's a very efficient way of doing things, as playing through Trustly starts at a breakneck speed. Simply enter the amount you want to deposit on the Sisu homepage, log in with your bank account details and then start playing once you've confirmed your deposit and logged in.

The service is extremely fast at every turn, which means that withdrawals are also made through this secure service at a very fast pace. Once your withdrawal request has been approved, you don't have to wait at all and your winnings will pop into your bank account in real-time. This makes Trustly a superior and excellent way to make payments and transfers.

Sisu Kasino Support

Here, players are looked after in an exemplary manner, meaning that customer service is of a very high and good standard. There's no need to struggle with any problems, and whenever you have a query or need something resolved, you can contact the site's localised support centre at the drop of a hat.

The hours of operation of the support centre are very extensive, so any problem can be solved quickly and efficiently. For the most urgent players, it is definitely worth trying the live chat, which allows players to chat directly and in real-time with a friendly guy.

Of course, there is also the option to access the service via email ([email protected]), but real-time live chat beats old-fashioned email in many areas. Email is certainly good for sending attachments and documents, but in terms of speed, chat beats email hands down. Inevitably, you have to wait longer for a reply via email, so chat is always a good choice in acute situations.

Sisu Kasino Profile 

This operator serves the needs of every quality-conscious player perfectly in every possible aspect. First of all, the site is fully localised, making it suitable even for players who are not blessed with any special language skills. This alone makes the site one that every reader should try out as a matter of course!

Of course, the site also has a lot of other classy and interesting things to offer, such as unrivalled speed and ease of play. Not only does Trustly make it a breeze to start playing, but playing through strong authentication is extremely secure.

Of course, the whole package is topped off with a huge and vast game library, offering elite gaming entertainment! With the best games on the market and all the traditional genres catered for, from slots to progressive jackpots with big payouts, the site has everything you need.

Sisu Players' Experience 

“A perfectly localized package that serves players extremely well. If language skills are not available or if you want to enjoy a straightforward experience in a safe environment and without distractions, this is an outrageously good choice. Throwing up some of the best of the year!”

“A power pack specialising in straightforward action, goddamn that my man is enjoying himself! They've got the best slots and a damn good selection anyway, with over 3000 games to choose from, there's no chance of getting bored. And there's no need for a dictionary, it's really functional and gutsy!”

“I've always liked this company's games, and this was no exception. Anything else, because I'd say that Sisu is the best product of the company so far! Stunning stuff in every way, a cool website and a functional feel. The benefits would have been nice, but you can do without.”

Judging by these comments, the most hurried players have already had a chance to try out the new Sisu Kasino, and the newcomer has certainly not disappointed. The whole thing has worked like a charm, and the only negative comment was about the lack of perks, which didn't matter much in the end.

On the other hand, there was plenty of praise, especially for the localisation of the site. There was also a huge library of games, and the ease of use and speed of the site were also a big hit with players.

Is Sisu Kasino Reliable?

Trust issues are in perfect order and in great shape with this operator, meaning players really don't need to worry or be concerned when enjoying the site's services. Known as a long-standing operator, White Hat Gaming is one of the top names in the industry, meaning that the owner's sites are invariably extremely secure and reliable.

Of course, the site also has an official operating licence in its back pocket, which has been issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/370/2017). This means that players know that the site has passed a rigorous screening process and is providing gaming entertainment in accordance with the laws and regulations under the supervision of the authorities.

Summary and Verdict 

This newcomer is the absolute elite and Sisu Kasino is worth putting to the test immediately, as it's hard to beat this. If you've enjoyed the benefits and services of the sister site powerhouse, this little brother of the credit spinner is also worth taking over and trying out without delay.

It is an excellent site all round, serving players impeccably well in every possible aspect. If you're looking for modern action without anything extra, this newcomer is an absolute must. Fast-paced action, ease and pure gaming, what could be better?

There's nothing to complain about or say, and no criticism of this quality show can be cobbled together without even trying. An all-around high-quality set, suitable for all types of players, especially as the site is fully localised and equipped with a European operating licence!

Our Experience with Sisu 

The Sisu Kasino, bursting with familiar imagery, has finally opened and boy what a racket it's turned out to be once again! At this point, we can already say that we're talking about a definitely tough contender for the title of the best newcomer of summer '22, so this straightforward newcomer is no mean feat despite its lack of advantages.

Almost every player is surely used to the fact that most of the games are straightforwardly operated with bank codes and where benefits are not necessarily distributed at all. This is exactly the case with Sisu, but still, this brand new quality product stands out from the crowd! Perhaps it's the familiar imagery and extremely good localisation that attracts, but there is definitely something magical about it.

Of course, quality-conscious players knew in advance that Sisu Kasino was going to be top-notch because it is a product of White Hat Gaming. The company's gaming caves are invariably hard stuff and the best of the best, and they certainly don't skimp on those standards this time either.

Perfectly suited to the European player, the site operates under the MGA, meaning that Euro players don't have to pay a share of their winnings to the tax bear. This makes playing even more fun, as a potential millionaire's winnings will hit your bank account in full if you happen to hit a decent jam monster like this.

All in all, the package is perfectly put together, so it's easy to fall in love with this one and easy to praise it. If you're looking for a secure and reliable gaming site with a bankroll that works with your bank account, try Sisu without delay!

Sisu Kasino F.A.Q.

Is Sisu Kasino a safe casino?

Yes, this site is the epitome of security. This is guaranteed by both the European operating license and a well-known and honest owner.

Does Sisu Kasino give out bonuses or free spins to its players?

Here, players are not pestered with perks or bothered by wagering requirements, but the site focuses on the straightforward operation and strictly on the essentials – playing!

How do I open an account at Sisu Kasino?

Here, players do not need to create an account, but can access the games by logging in and depositing using their bank account details.

Is Sisu Kasino a scam?

Not at all, this operator is honest and responsible. This is also reflected in the EU operating licence that the new site holds.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Sisu Kasino?

There is only one payment method available on the site, which means that money transactions are handled in a smooth and straightforward manner using the player's bank details.

Under which license does Sisu Kasino operate and are winnings tax-free?

The operator holds a coveted and respected EU operating licence, which means that European players do not have to account for a slice of their winnings to the taxman.

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