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Introduction and General Facts 

Oh oh oh, another treat from the truly great White Hat Gaming. Year after year, this manufacturer has managed to surprise gamers with a number of great titles and now it's snowing again. Today we get to see the Reload Casino, which will open in 2021, and the expectations are sky-high.

The hype and anticipation around this site is largely due to the aforementioned operator and its great gaming sites. The list includes international stars like Barz, Slotnite and Skol, as well as many more Finnish-focused titles like Huikee, Vauhti, Simppeli and Pelataan. Many of you readers will have visited these places and there is a good chance that satisfaction has been present in each case.

So the bar is undoubtedly set high, and there's plenty of good things to be found at Reload Casino to live up to expectations. However, we at least have very strong confidence that things have been done right and exactly as the players want them to be done. So without further ado, let's attack this newcomer!

Reload Casino Website Look 

The visual aspect of the site is, of course, the first thing that strikes players when they arrive. Making a first impression plays a very important role when visiting, as it's nice to start a gaming session in a spectacular environment. This is also what we get to do at Reload Casino, which is a mixture of elegance as well as clarity.

The colour scheme is certainly very familiar to domestic players, even if it is not a blue and white combination. The blue and yellow brand colours are also combined with a white background so that the overall impression is OK. The implementation is very good and the visual experience is very enjoyable. It is modern and eye-catching, but at the same time, a clear atmosphere has been maintained to ensure ease of use.

10% Cashback Bonus

Gaming Experience & Usability

The manufacturer's slots have followed a familiar pattern for some time now in terms of usability, and there are no changes in store this time around. What we have before us is the so-called instant stack, a newer-generation invention to make things faster and easier. For many, this is already the main choice, and old, stodgy sites are not often challenged anymore.

Pay N Play casino combines deposit and authentication into one single process. So, there is much less time and effort to prepare. How does this work in practice? Well, it's all based on the player's own online banking credentials, which can be used to make payments of course, but also to verify identity.

Of course, the site is also very easy to use and quick to get up and running, as the platform is a really high-quality package. Nothing takes an excessive amount of time to load, and finding the various features is certainly not a challenge either. Reload Casino is a model of how a modern gaming site should be built.

Reload Casino Bonuses

Many times when a player enters the site, they will find some extra play money and free spins stuffed into their pocket. While these can help you get off to a strong start, the benefits often don't go very far. For this reason, Reload Casino does not offer any kind of welcome package, but as the name suggests, it gives players reloads, or cashback.

The weekly cashback is 10% of the money played during the previous week. Every Thursday, you'll get yourself a little bit of cashback on your wagered funds, so you can keep playing again and again. Of course, there are no wagering requirements or major restrictions, and you can play any of the games on the site or cash out directly.

Reload Casino Games Online 

The quality of the environment extends well into the games library, and it's easy to browse through the various products in a clear overview. Of course, there are various tools to filter the selection, such as categories and a search function. The lists offer a slightly broader range of game styles, while the search function allows you to hunt for individual options. We're sure that with this offering, every player will have a great time.

Below, we'll go into a little more detail on all the major game genres such as:

However, players should be aware that the offer is not limited to these categories. So, there are many more available, such as bingo, video poker and scratch cards. Reload has a very comprehensive games offering, with everything you would expect from an online casino.

And of course, in keeping with good manners, only the best games in the industry have been snapped up for this new site. These have been provided by some of the biggest game providers in the industry, including Microgaming, Play'n Go and NetEnt. So while there are certainly classics and timeless gems on offer, there's also new stuff popping up almost non-stop for players to enjoy.

Slot Machines 

Of course, any kiosk that offers games must also have traditional slot machines. In virtual form, however, these are often called slots or slot machines, whichever you prefer. Virtually every other category has its origins in these colourful games, so this is a really important section.

To everyone's delight and good fortune, Reload Casino's slots offering is real gold. So if you happen to stray into the depths of this site, you won't be stuck with slots.

Jackpots Games 

The mood remains high for the next category of games, the highly coveted jackpot category. These games are where the action really gets going, with wins of millions of euros being the best indication of this. Of course, not all games are quite that big, but even the smallest jackpots offer hefty payouts.

When you start to dig into the selection, you'll immediately notice that there's a lot of quality stuff available. Of course, the most attractive options are the ever-growing progressive games, which are also very well represented at Reload Casino. There's no shortage of jackpots, so it's all about chasing the big wins.

Megaways Slots 

The categories highlighted earlier have been part of the gaming sites' standard equipment for a number of years now. However, in the last five years or so, a new style of game has joined this rhythm category, known as Megaways. In practice, you will always find them, but the levels of choice vary wildly.

This time around, the player is right at the top of the market when it comes to Megaways. This is of course very nice to see. There are dozens of different options, offering adventures in the most exciting environments. For example, you can dive into the depths of the sea, travel into space or even back in time to ancient times, just the way you like it.

Live Casino 

And to even have a discussion about quality game libraries, there definitely needs to be representation from the table games side. Reload offers these in many different forms, the most popular of which today is definitely the live games section. The material is of high quality and varied in all respects, so you can really put your skills to the test.

In fact, there's everything you could possibly think of in this category. Blackjack, roulette, dice games, and many other great products can all be found under one roof. Of course, there may be slight differences and special features between the different tables, but the operation is exactly the same as in a physical casino.

Trustly Casino PNP

Reload Casino Customer Service 

Surprises are often very nice and are much desired from new venues. However, support is perhaps not the place where you want to see changes and fortunately Reload hasn't done that either. There is a familiar and safe combination of live chat and email ([email protected]). For simple and urgent issues, it's definitely best to use chat, where you can get answers really quickly. For more complex or less urgent questions, email can be a viable option.

The opening hours are excellent, as help is available at any hour of the day or night. This is a very important factor in providing support, as the habits of the gaming public are very different. Some people may fidget with games in the middle of the night, while others like to enjoy their coffee breaks at work with online gaming.

Reload Casino Pay N Play 

Of course, many players will be interested in the site's payment policy and other related features. Of course, the first thing to do is to introduce the payment methods or, in this case, the one and only payment processor. Trustly, a face very familiar to Pay N Play Casino sites, is the Swedish provider.

Trustly is very well known in the gaming industry, which is why it is often the payment provider of choice for instant casinos. It's safe, reliable, easy and efficient, and that's all you could really want from your own money transfers.

Deposits and withdrawals are always just a few buttons away, and there's no need to wait. This is because no separate verification is required in addition to bank IDs, so the processing can be done really quickly. Reload Casino, therefore, offers the best treat you can get when it comes to payments these days.

Malta Gaming Authority Licence 

Players who have visited White Hat Gaming's sites before will know that this operator treats domestic players very well. Even though Reload is not in the club of sites entirely aimed at Fins, we have certainly not been forgotten.

Indeed, the site is available in a Finnish-language version, which covers almost all the information that can be found under the address. The translation is, of course, of very high quality, as the knowledge behind it goes back a very long way.

Of course, you can also warm your own heart a little more with the help of the licence that is available. For many, it is enough to mention the name of the Malta Gaming Authority, and then all thunbs go up. With tax-free winnings and total security guaranteed, there is no need to go into further detail.

Fast Pay and Play

Is Reload Casino a Scam?

It is not worth talking about shady deals or other dubious things in the same sentence with this operator, as they are very far from each other. In the background, for example, there is a very convincing gaming site manufacturer, whose very name already exudes honesty. Of course, this could also be a red herring, but the successes accumulated over the years certainly speak for themselves.

The site is also licensed, which always means that it is a stable and reliable operator. The licensor is still the most convincing authority in the industry, so it makes sure that our games are handled nicely from start to finish. Of course, Reload has other licenses, such as the one issued by the UK authority. So, this only reinforces the site's status as a secure site.

So it is by no means a scam or an unsafe place to play. Everything has been polished to perfection, so you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with complete peace of mind.
Reload has loaded up the pipes from the get-go

Launched towards the end of 2021, the new site Reload Casino is a truly high-quality and entertaining package. During our walkthrough, we didn't really come across any real shortcomings, but rather all the features were worthy of praise.

Of course, we went on this trip with high expectations and nothing less than a top performance would have been acceptable. With these displays, the site will certainly claim a place in many players' favourite collections, so the future looks very promising.

The operation is largely based on simple and efficient functionality, with a quality game selection at its heart. In practice, these elements match the dreams and ambitions of many a weaker venue, so this is a great opportunity to indulge yourself a little. And of course, the weekly returns are a big part of the enjoyment and should be made the most of.

Reload Casino FAQ:

Is Reload Casino a trustworthy online casino?

It is. There is a really big company behind it, which is White Hat Gaming Limited (WHT). They are known for bringing nothing but honest products to the domestic market. In addition, the EEA license and well-known partners on the transfer side speak for reliability. Thanks to the Maltese license (MGA/B2C/370/2017 ), Finnish players can enjoy tax-free winnings.

Is Reload Casino a safe casino?

Absolutely, this is a completely safe place to play.

Does Reload Casino offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

A so-called traditional benefits package is not available, but weekly cashback are offered on behalf of the operator. The refunded funds can be used for free on the games or alternatively withdrawn.

How do I open an account at Reload Casino?

Opening a gaming account is automated along with your deposit. Choose the amount you want to transfer and log in with your online banking credentials. The system will handle the account creation in the same process.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Reload Casino?

The payment method is Trustly.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Reload Casino?

Funds are transferred instantly both when depositing and when withdrawing. This is ensured by one of the biggest names in the industry.

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